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kitty_van_kat in stitch_sisters

Coffee, Handspun and Elves

Yay for Coffee is what I have to say this week! I've bought a coffee press and I've been able to make lots of yummy things! Check out my personal journal for a quick recipe and steps on how to make a Chai Latte with a coffee press :D

Mmmmm French Vanilla Latte!

And now to the knitting & yarn! For the knitting olympics this year, I'm making a really pretty lace scarf out of some handspun! I was given some Spunky Eclectic fiber by some friends who were so thoughtful as to bring some for me! :D I then spun it up into a single-ply laceweight!

Spunky Eclectic - Rocky Mountain High

And as for the Elves! I've signed up for the Evenstar Shawl knit-a-long on Ravelry! :D I love LOTR and this looked so pretty when wenchfaery told me about it and I just couldn't help myself! So, I used my Tanis Fiber Arts lace weight in garnet that wasn't doing so well for the ever-infuriating Cleopatra wrap and decided to cast on! Here's what I have so far:

So, that's after the first clue... and I'm anxiously awaiting the 2nd clue, while drinking coffee... and spinning :D