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kitty_van_kat in stitch_sisters

Come to the Dark Side, we have Cookies!

So this has been a long time coming and I should've posted these back when Christmas was on the way (not when it has passed), but I think it's a good day for cookies!

red_bansidhe and I got together a couple weekends before Christmas for a Cookie-fest of sorts! We made spritz cookies with a new cookie press she bought, and suger cookies and gingerbread cookies as well!

Saturday was the day for baking and it took quite a bit of time but we had curling to watch while they all cooled, as well as '17 Again' which is super cute if you haven't seen it yet. The Sunday was decoration day! We had all sorts of icing, different coloured sugars, dragees, mini candy coated chocolate bits and m&ms!! It was awesome, we got really creative and with the spritz cookies, we either dipped the bottoms in milk chocolate or drizzled them on top with white chocolate.

And in case you're wondering, yes, the smell in the house was heeeeeeeeeeeavenly!!!