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knitting - yarrrrn!

kitty_van_kat in stitch_sisters

You spin me right round!

Hi all, yes an update! Can you believe it? There will be many more as I've become a bit backlogged and would like to share some things that both red_bansidhe and I have created.

So, this time, I don't know if I mentioned before but I got an early Christmas present in the form of a SPINNING WHEEL! Yes, I spin now and it's so relaxing, freeing, calming... it's great and I love my wheel. It's a Kromski Sonata (walnut stained) and it's one that collapses and folds up into it's own backpack for easy travel! I love it, I fell in love with it when I was first looking at getting a wheel, and a lady from my knit night just so happened to have one and she let me try it out. So when Mom, Dad and myself went to Kitchener for the Knitter's Fair and we saw one... Dad kinda didn't want to wait to travel to get a wheel - I think I had a look in my eye! lol

Anyway, I've done up some nice teal alpaca that I had given to kcountess for Christmas, and I got the fiber for that at Canadian Comfort Alpacas over in St. Ann's. I've also done some 80/20 Merino/Silk from Gemini Fibers that I also purchased at the Knitters Fair in KW. That stuff was like spinning butter, it was so soft and easy, it was great.

Then, I had set my sights on Etsy (of course) and found a girl who has Firefly inspired yarn and roving - Christina Marie Potter - and I just loved the Kaylee colourway! So, I spun that up into a two-ply sock yarn (fingering/heavy fingering weight) and it turned out great! You can see a pic behind the cut below:

So, that's my little tid-bit for today, I'm going to be going to a Spin In at The Fiber Garden in Jordan on Sunday and I can't wait... I may be tempted because they have some really nice fiber to spin up ... but I have to resist, seeing as I have a fiber stash that's pretty significant as it is. LOL


Loves the pretty, pretty yarn. :D