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Knitting - Bender

kitty_van_kat in stitch_sisters

So say we all....

...hrmmm, just thinking about it now, the subject of this post and the icon I've used... does anyone else think Bender is a total Cylon?

Anyhoo! Being the huge nerd girl that I am and I had seen the Yarn Harlot pull these socks off as if it were nothing, I had to try the 'Viper Pilot' socks! I picked up some Malabrigo sock in 'Impressionist sky' and started on the 1st of June. Now, you're probably expecting both socks... but JEEZ, no way. I have finished one of the pair, and it's soooooooooo gorgeous that I've already cast on for the second.

Needless to say, I'm kinda pleased with myself - as if you couldn't tell from the shameless pimpage.

LOOK! There's even cables and pattern on the heel! *facedesk*

So, I'll keep on going because I MUST wear these, and we (we=knit nite group) need to come up with 'Cylon Socks' so we can have both... and possibly wear one of each on days when we're moody ;P